About the Practitioner

Christopher A. Polson, LMT
Christopher has extended training in myoskeletal and trigger point therapy.  Which are great attributes to his already excellent Swedish and deep tissue massages.  Always customizing his sessions to fit the needs of each individual client, Christopher takes pride in minimizing bodily pain while achieving long lasting results 

Choosing to look at the glass "half full" contributes to Christopher's positive outlook on life.  He believes in a daily dose of laughter and calls it "the ultimate stress reliever".
Taking care of people and their discomfort was the driving factor in Christopher's decision to become a licensed massage therapist.

Christopher enjoys boxing, basketball and loves spending quality time with his children.


Juanekee L. Frizell, LMT
Juanekee has the natural ability to manifest a sense of relaxation and an amazing energy.  It's has been stated by many that she has "warm healing hands" and "the magic touch".  She is dual licensed in massage therapy, esthetics and cosmetology which allows her to perform multiple services within one, single visit.  Coupled with 17-years in the customer relations industry so also brings the ultimate customer experience to all that she encounters.

From her childhood years, she knew that she wanted to take on the beauty industry and make it her own. It makes her day to "make" someone else's and what better way than taking "Me Time" to pamper oneself.

Juanekee takes joy in roller skating, theater going and spending time with her children (both 2 and 4-legged). 


Erika L. Sharp, LMT
Erika specializes in all modalities surrounding pre and post sports massage, trigger point therapy and stretching.  The knowledge and experience  acquired through her employment with a local physical therapy office and a spa has nurtured Erika's growth and advanced her skills in the field of massage therapy.

Getting to the source of the matter is Erika's mind set.  Erika's treatment plan always includes what she calls "the 3 R's",  Reveal,  Research and Rectify.  She will first reveal the source of your problem, research if needed and then she works toward rectifying or eliminating your pain.
Erika's passion for sports massage became a reality while going through high school as an all American athlete.  Seeing the many injuries incurred sparked her interest in helping other with their rehabilitation process.

Erika enjoys traveling, running and being an ultimate "Foodie".  


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